Seamstress Chiara, sew for us

Every clothing brand has its patron tailor. And we have her: Chiara Telazzi.

Struck by the tailoring path, after years of experience among prints, threads, and fabrics, Chiara founded Rupe, starting to climb the fashion mountains bare-handed.

She loves nature, the outdoor life, speaks daily to the animal soul of climbers, and on the peaks of handmade she has encountered a critical mass of faithful fans of her creations.

Thanks to her, many have converted to quality. Now Chiara has her apprentice seamstresses and a brand that aims to climb up there, where the eagles fly.


We make things born to resist, on mountain peaks, amidst city stress, and through washing machine cycles. We make them in Italy, with our bare hands, paying attention to every detail for a production that originated from the ground up and always aims high. We do it for ourselves and for all those for whom life is a journey, and for whom it's better to put on something good before stepping out.

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