valle orco climbing festival

Our story begins with a common passion: climbing.

When we met at the Valle Orco Climbing Festival in 2021 we had clear ideas: to put together our tailoring, marketing and event organization skills to create a new independent reality based on values ​​in the outdoor world.

Sharing a common passion

Rupe was founded in 2022 by Chiara, Mattia and Silvia in Saronno around three common values: sustainability, contrast to fast fashion and sharing the passion for the outdoors.

Since that moment each of us has contributed to this mission and for the past two years we have been offering high quality clothing to climbing and outdoor enthusiasts, always respecting the environment that inspires us.

Principles and values

Our philosophy is based on quality, durability, commitment to the environment and social inclusion. We firmly believe in the value of craftsmanship and the quality of materials, principles that permeate every single item in our collection.

Each piece is carefully designed and handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans. In this way we can guarantee attention to detail and exceptional durability.

Our commitment to sustainability is also reflected in the choice of eco-friendly materials and local and ethical production. We are proud to be a brand that celebrates diversity in all its forms, encouraging everyone to embrace their individuality and find their place in the world of climbing and the outdoors.

And here is the Rupe family

We are not just a clothing brand, but also a community, we call it Rupe Family. We believe in the power of sharing experiences and in the importance of supporting and inspiring others on their journey.

This is why we collaborate closely with athletes and ambassadors who share our values ​​and vision.
We also organize events and initiatives to bring our community together, whether it's climbing outings, outdoor yoga sessions or informal gatherings around a campfire. Together, we form a passionate and committed family, ready to push limits and explore new horizons.

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