You discovered them at Rupe Fest and many of you asked us who they are! Here is the first info on Vogo Beat

In the vast musical panorama, rare gems emerge from time to time, ready to bring back to life sounds that have marked entire generations. Vogo Beat is one of these gems. A brass band that, with its wind instruments and percussion, brings the dance music of the 90s and 2000s back in a new light. If you haven't heard of them yet, it's time to fix that.

Who are Vogo Beat?

Various musicians from similar musical backgrounds decide to join together in 2021 to create Vogo Beat, a 6-piece Brass Street Band that offers both original pieces and covers, inspired by 90s/2000s dance hits. The consensus obtained in the numerous performances on the streets of the cities of Lombardy brings the group closer to live music venues and festivals to bring their energy even into more structured contexts.

In 2022 they continue their musical activity by proposing both shows such as Busker for the city of Milan and performing at parties and clubs in the Milanese province. Between 2023 and 2024, "street" performances will increasingly decrease to give ample space to performances at large festivals and venues with excellent live offerings.

To date, Vogo Beat are a band with an iconic 90s musical style, characterized by 4/4 "straight drum" rhythms enriched by all the brass sounds given by brass and saxophones. It doesn't matter whether they're playing on the street or on stage, they're always ready to make audiences and passers-by jump with their music.

Band members

  • Gabriele Canali - Percussion
  • Trumpet - Stefano Zucchetti
  • Alto Sax - Michele Stucchi
  • Tenor Sax - Denys Loghin
  • Tenor Sax - Francesca Maiullari
  • Baritone Sax - Davide Stucchi
  • Susafono - Luca Rivabene

Their Unique Style

Imagine '90s and 2000s dance hits like "Rhythm is a Dancer" by Snap! or "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65, rearranged in a brass band style. The result is an explosive mix of nostalgia and innovation, which manages to make audiences of all ages dance and sing. With their unique style, Vogo Beat manage to pay homage to the classics of the past, while adding a touch of freshness that makes them irresistible.

Events and Contacts

If you are curious to discover this band live, don't miss the opportunity to follow them at their events. For further information on concert dates and locations, you can contact Gabriele Canali directly via email at: or send a direct message (DM) on their social networks.


To get a taste of their performances, you can watch the following videos:

Why You Can't Miss Vogo Beat

Attending a Vogo Beat concert means living a unique musical experience. Their ability to combine the energy of the brass band with the power of dance hits will make you relive unforgettable moments. Whether you're a fan of music from the 90s and 2000s or simply looking for something new and exciting, Vogo Beat is the band for you.

Don't miss the opportunity to get to know and appreciate this extraordinary band. Follow Vogo Beat and get ready to dance to the rhythm of their irresistible arrangements.