Milan - Thank you for making the first Rupe Acro Yoga Workshop such a success!

Milano - Grazie per aver reso uno spettacolo il primo Workshop Rupe di Acroyoga!

Hey, Milano friends and Acroyoga enthusiasts! On February 18, 2024, Rupe Clothing launched its very first event, and folks, what a start it was! We chose Ululi - Terzo Tempo space in Milan for a reason: we wanted it to be special. And guess what? It was fantastic to see all of you participating with so much energy!

filippo granata chiara vitali acro yoga milano rupe
A huge thanks to all of you who joined. Without you, it wouldn't have been the same. Shoutout to our super instructors, Filippo Granata and Chiara Vitali! These two brought the magic with them, guiding us through the world of Acroyoga and Thai Massage. This workshop wasn't just an event to try out some new yoga poses or improve flexibility; it was a gathering of friends, old and new, united by the love for Acroyoga and movement exploration. And the best part? It was just the beginning!

Yes, you heard it right. We're already planning more Acroyoga, yoga, and mobility workshops here in Milan. After the success of this first event, we're super pumped to organize more. So, keep an eye out for the upcoming dates! 
Workshop acroyoga milano rupe filippo granata terzo tempo ululi chiara vitali
Thanks again for making this first workshop a success. We're grateful for every laugh, every shared moment, and every new step we took together. See you at the next event!
A huge thank you,
The Rupe Clothing Team
filippo granata chiara vitali terzo tempo ululi milano workshop acroyoga rupe